Brooke D. Kish, Ph.D. - A Helping Hand
Frequently Asked Questions:
What Type of Client Does Dr. Kish See?
Dr. Kish specializes in various family, child and adolescent issues. She sees children and adolescents of all ages. She provides parent consulting and trainings. Dr. Kish is certified by Dr. Ross Greene in the Collaborative and Proactive Approach.  She is able to teach this approach to families.  Explore for more information.  
What is Play Therapy?
Play therapy is a form of psychotherapy that is often used with children because it tends to utilize play and imagination rather than words as the primary vehicle of communication. Play is a child’s natural form of expression, analogous to the way adults use verbal language to exchange thoughts and ideas. The psychologist strategically utilizes play to help children express what is troubling them when they do not have the verbal language to express their thoughts and feelings Through play children learn to communicate with others, express feelings, modify behavior, develop problem-solving skills, and learn a variety of ways of relating to others.  Play therapy provides a safe non-judgmental child-centered environment that allows children to work through their emotions at their own pace. 
What are the Components of a Psycho-educational Evaluation?
Depending on the needs of the child, a psycho-educational evaluation is comprised of parent and child interviews, school observation, teacher input, attendance at school meeting if appropriate, and cognitive evaluation (IQ assessment) that examines verbal reasoning, visual spatial processing, auditory processing, short-term memory, and working memory.  The evaluation also includes an academic achievement assessment to examine reading, writing, and mathematic ability, and a social and emotional assessment.  Once the relevant data are collected, the evaluation is followed with a session that provides test results and feedback to the family and child along with a written report, recommendations for intervention, and specialist referrals if necessary.  Children typically enjoy testing sessions due to an easily established rapport with Dr. Kish and assessment questions that resemble puzzles or games.   The entire evaluation takes between two and six sessions depending on the needs and goals of the child or adolescent. 
Custody Evaluations?
Unfortunately Dr. Kish does not conduct custody evaluations.  There are mental health professionals that truly specialize in these types of evaluations and custody cases are not a specialty area of Dr. Kish. 
Dr. Kish accepts Anthem/Blue Cross Blue Shield and private pay for therapy sessions. Private pay rate is $110.00 per 55 minute therapy session and is due at the time of each session.  Neuropsychological and educational assessment fees are determined depending on the amount of testing required.  Insurance is not accepted for assessments conducted.  Typically, a comprehensive evaluation that includes the following: Cognitive IQ (WPPSI, WICS or WAIS), Academic Achievement, Executive Functioning,  Parent and Child Interview, psycho-social inventories, self-report, parent and teacher measures, direct behavioral observations in natural and clinical settings, review of relevant records and a written comprehensive report with listed intervention recommendations can cost between $2000 and $2500 depending on the complexity of the case.  Half of assessment fees will be collected at the initial assessment intake session and the other half will be collected during the assessment feedback session.   All major credit cards are accepted.  
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